Releasing Your Dataset

New datasets are initially visible only to the project to which they are attributed. This includes all of the dataset metadata and data files that are linked to the dataset. In order for a dataset to be “released” on the FaceBase site, a member of the FaceBase Hub must review the dataset and update its ‘Released’ field to ‘true’. Once released, the dataset will be visible to other users of the FaceBase site.

How to get your dataset released

First, review your dataset and all of its associated metadata (i.e., experiments, biosample details, replicates) and data files. You may need to review with other members of your project or the PI(s). Once you and your colleagues decide the dataset is ready to be released, send an email to the Hub at A Hub curator will review your dataset and notify you either that the dataset has been released or that the dataset needs some additional data entry/edit by you.