FaceBase Data Philosophy

The FaceBase Hub’s goal is to provide high-quality data that is ready for reuse, reproducibility and (re)analysis for increased scientific utility.

That means providing data that adheres to FAIR principles - Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reuseable - to the best of our ability via the following where possible:

  • Prioritizing acceptance of source/raw files of data.
  • Including metadata that aligns with existing ontologies or controlled vocabularies.
  • Including related protocols from the experiment.
  • Using controlled metadata terms to provide cross-linkages between datasets.
  • Encouraging as much information in the Description and Study Design fields to allow another person to reproduce your study.
  • Basing the data model on the structure of studies and experiments (representing Datasets, Experiments, Replicates, Projects, Protocols, etc).

Also for every record, we provide a globally unique citable ID called a Record ID (represented as RID in the Data Browser):

  • Globally-unique
  • Persistent
  • Actionable
  • Versioned
  • Publishable

This means every dataset, experiment, protocol, image, etc page can be cited at the same level as a journal

We recommend that you plan your data submission while you’re preparing your manuscript so that you can include these identifiers in your publication.

Optionally, you can let us know to embargo a dataset to be released in sync with your publication.

You can find full details on options for citing FaceBase at Sharing and Citing Data.