Welcome to the FaceBase documentation site. This site includes information for users on how best to use the FaceBase resource and information for data contributors on uploading and curating their datasets.

Use the sidebar on the left to explore help topics such as “Using FaceBase”, “Submitting Data - Basics” and “Submitting Data - Advanced”.

If you are new to FaceBase, we recommend getting started with these materials:

If you are… Docs Videos
searching for FB data Key Concepts for FaceBase Users

Browsing and Filtering Data
Users Track - Bootcamp 2023 (webinar)
contributing data Key Concepts for FaceBase Contributors

Data Submission Process
Contributors Track - Bootcamp 2023 (webinar)
submitting data to the FaceBase repository Creating a Dataset

Create Experiments, Biosamples, and Replicates

Upload Data Files
Contributors Track - Bootcamp 2023 (webinar)

Here are some helpful videos as well:

Learn about FaceBase:

Overview of submitting data to FaceBase:

Learn about imaging data in FaceBase:

Learn about omics data available in FaceBase: