Controlled Access Human Data - Policy and Requests

Controlled-access data is not available until you have submitted the required documents and are approved by the Data Access Committee (DAC) in the process described in this section.

Controlled Access Data Policy

Controlled-access data is limited to the following types of data:

  • All identifiable, individual-level human data.
  • Examples include demographic descriptors, phenotypic measures, 3D images, and sequencing data.

Before you begin…

You will need the following to complete this process:

  • Provide an Institutional Review Board (IRB) letter and IRB-approved protocol describing how you will use the data for research purposes. If you have questions about the process or IRB requirement, please contact the DAC at Also see our FAQ about IRBs here.
  • Be a member of the FaceBase Users’ group (if you have submitted data for FaceBase, you should already be in this group). If you are not yet in this group, please click the “Sign Up” link at the top right corner of the FaceBase site and follow the prompts to log in with Globus and ask to Join the “FaceBase Users” group.

Applying for Access to Controlled Data

In order to access this data, you must follow the process outlined below: