Details Page

From the search results, click the View icon to open the “Detail” or “Record” page. This displays the metadata and links to the other related records and data files as available.

The following screenshots show an example record page from our example repository:

Summary section

The page starts with a Summary section that lists available metadata.

screenshot of a detail page with the summary section highlighted

Further down are sections for related data. These are simply other data records that are linked to this one.

For example, in the demo repository a Study record is linked to one or more Collections and Experiments, as pictured below.

screenshot of a detail page with related data sections highlighted

This connection and linkage between data records is one of the powerful features of the FaceBase Data Browser that allows for broader discovery of data rather than a flat listing of information.

Refine search column

The left sidebar acts as a “table of contents” for the record page, called “Sections”. Every section is linked there and you can click to go directly to that section.

screenshot of a detail page with the Sections sidebar highlighted

For each related data section, there is an “Explore” button. When you click this button, it will open up a new search page specifically for that related data. For example, when you click the Explore button on the “Collections” section, you’ll see a new recordset page for Collections with a facet for the Study - so it shows all of the Collections for the Study.

screenshot of an explore version of a search page

What this means is that you can now explore all Collections. You can deselect the current Study facet or add more Studies to the facet or use any of the other filters in the left sidebar to learn about other Collections in the entire repository.