Search Page

screenshot of the landing page

Above is a typical search results example (sometimes referred to as the landing page). Common elements are:

  1. Filtering sidebar
  2. Filters (which display attributes chosen through the filtering sidebar)
  3. Search bar above the results for free text search.
  4. Search results based on filters.

Using the filtering sidebar

The filtering sidebar is a configurable set of “filters” or “facets”. In this example, Species and Stage (ie, anatomical age stage). Within each filter is a set of attributes that are represented in the data (ie, the Stage filter includes the attributes TS17, TS20, TS28, etc. - which represent Theiler stages).

Selecting filters

Selecting and de-selecting attributes in any of the facets will filter the results to show data with those attributes.

screenshot of FaceBase filtering sidebar

The above screenshot shows that when you select the “mus musculus” attribute from the “Species” filter, and the “TS28” attribute from the “Stage” filter, the filter choices appear above the search results.

Searching attribute within the sidebar

When there’s more than a few attributes, you can use some searching techniques within the filtering sidebar to quickly find what you’re looking for.

By default, the Data Browser displays attributes in RID (Record ID) order.

Use the small search box within the filter to search across those attributes only. The following animation shows a user who wants to find “proximal tubule” within the “Anatomy” filter. Note how the Data Browser starts suggesting matches as the user types.

animation of searching within Anatomy filter

You can also click the “Show More” link to pull up a window with all of the attributes listed.

animation of using the Show More window

Expanding/collapsing filters

If the filtering sidebar is long, you can manage which filters are shown by clicking the down and up arrow, as shown below, to expand and collapse the filters:

animation of using the Show More window

Clearing filters

If you want to clear a filter, click the X icon next to the filter’s name.

You can also click “Clear all filters” to remove them all.

animation of using the Show More window

Main search results

The current search results are in the main body of the page. You can also browse and refine the results from this area.

Searching across columns

Note the larger search field above the search results. Enter a keyword or key phrase to search across text in all of the visible columns.

animation of using free text search

Sorting columns

Some columns are configured to be sort-able. To identify which columns you can sort, look for the double arrow icon and click to toggle the column sort between ascending and descending.

animation of sorting columns